Now that you have decided to invest in portable banner stands, be sure you are using them effectively to gain the most customers. As wonderful as they are, you can derive no benefit from them if they aren’t used correctly. Banner stands are popular at trade shows. They are an easy way to get your professional, polished message in front of as many eyes as possible. Be sure to follow these four tips to maximize your banner stand exposure at trade shows.

High resolution graphics

One of the worst things you can do with a banner is not invest in high quality printing. Most potential customers instantly develop a liking or aversion to a company based on how their advertisements look. A fuzzy logo or pixelated print can be an instant turnoff. It makes the potential customer feel that your business isn’t professional or established. On the other hand, high resolution graphics can draw people in and make them comfortable with giving your business a try. Remember, you only get one chance to leave a first impression. At a trade show, your banner is what gives that first impression.


Not all portable banner stands are created equal. Some are lighter (and more prone to being knocked over) than others. This must be considered when choosing banner stands. For example, if you will be using the display stand for a small presentation or an event with low foot traffic, a tension stand or retractable stand would be suitable. However, if you are vending or presenting at a busy trade show with heavy foot traffic, be sure to get something heavier, like a telescopic stand. This matters greatly because a broken or knocked over display cannot attract new customers and will look unprofessional and unorganized. An invisible message leads to no sales conversions.

Clear message

It is obvious a banner sends a message, but what message? If you want to maximize your impact, you must be sure your message is tailored to your particular target market. It’s not enough to just include your company name and logo. You have to include something that lets people know they should purchase what you have to offer. Let them know you’re talking specifically to them. Is your product for bargain hunters or people interested in high-end merchandise? Is your product “green” or eco-friendly? Is it for children, stay-at-home moms, veterans? Is it for experts or beginners? The banner message must be clear and targeted enough so that the exact person you’d like to sell to receives the message and knows to make a visit to your station.

Spell check

This may sound obvious, but the number of misspelled signs is much higher than many would assume. When you’re only using a few sentences, a simple spell check may seem unnecessary, especially when you’re spelling something you’ve probably spelled many times over. Untrue. It is always worth it to double-check your work. The mind can filter out a lot of mistakes when it already knows what something is supposed to say. The mind of potential customers, though, isn’t as forgiving. They will notice typos and they will be turned off by them.

Portable banner stands are only as effective as you prepare them to be. Without proper preparation, their effectiveness drops significantly, but if you follow the tips above, you should notice an increase in sales and visitors. Remember, banners are used over and over, so it is important to put a lot of thought into the content and design. A well-designed banner can be used for years. A poorly designed banner is a waste of money and can do damage to your business’ reputation.

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