Why do exhibitors make the investment of time and resources to participate in trade shows? The simple answer: because they work. They reduce the time and cost of closing sales, tap into the power of “unknown” prospects, and attract motivated audiences. These shows work –when exhibitors stand out from the crowd of competitors. How can a banner stand help them do this?

Banner Displays: Attract Attention and Entice Visitors

Their light weight, visual height, and minimal space requirements make banner stands a cost-effective and efficient way to attract audience attention. Even better: tradeshows are just the beginning. Exhibitors can use these branded banners for other marketing and advertising campaigns and appearances.

Just a few of the many ways to use these versatile stands at industry conventions and conferences:

  • Display contact information.
  • Display logos and other branded images.
  • Group them together to create a mural.
  • Highlight services and/or products.
  • Highlight a brand’s USP (unique selling proposition).
  • Combine the stands with shelving to create a kiosk for interactive demonstrations (such as computer demos).

Creativity is key. Banner stand displays offer virtually unlimited possibilities. But how can brands ensure that they realize those possibilities and maximize the opportunity to reach their audience?

  • Consider a retractable banner stand. Time is of the essence at busy shows. Retractable models operate just like a window shade, and setup is a snap. Simply roll up or down, attach the banner to the support rail, and get ready to wow audiences and turn leads into customers.
  • Keep your design and messaging consistent. Exhibitors should use the same brand palette, images, logos, font, and other design elements on their banners as they do on their other marketing materials. This creates a consistent and cohesive experience for their audiences – and conveys the message that the brands are polished and professional.
  • Keep it simple. The goal is to catch visitors’ eyes as they walk past on a crowded trade show floor. If brands cram lengthy messages or crowded images onto a banner, they effectively overload their audience. They will walk right by to less intrusive competitors. It’s best to keep it clean, simple, and clear. Limit text, and ensure images are bright and eye-catching.
  • Go bold. Today’s audiences are bombarded by ads. They’re everywhere. But when brands offer something unexpected, something that captures the mind and imagination, they transcend the ad. They offer something of value to the consumer – and that is the best way to get noticed. Whether it’s a snappy logo or an intriguing image, exhibitors need to figure out what their audiences want, and then one-up that.

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