Small business owners are always looking to boost their marketing techniques and stand out from their competitors. Many have discovered that banner stands are one way to do that. Why? Because they are an effective way to display a message, and they lend companies more credibility. Unlike a totally flat surface, these trade show banner stands give the message depth and dimension. These are only some of the benefits. Read on for 5 more reasons banner stands are growing more popular.

Reason 1: Portability

Small business owners may find themselves needing to advertise in many different places. You cannot sit around and wait for the customers to come to you, not in this day and age. You have to go to the customers. That means being able to pack up your items with relatively little stress and prep time. This marketing concept offers just that. There are different types of banner stands, but they are generally portable and can be broken down and set up by one or two people in most cases. This makes them ideal for business owners who frequent trade shows or other one-time vending opportunities.

Reason 2: Fabric Graphics

Banner stands use banners made of fabric. The benefit of this is that they are durable, lightweight and can still support high resolution images. Other types of banners can be clunky and show signs of wear quickly. These last much longer without all the weight. Vendors who are constantly on the go, moving from one event to the next, can truly appreciate this fact.

Reason 3: Easy Set-up

Any marketing tool that is effective and easy to use is always a plus. One thing business owners like most about standing banners is that they can often be set up in less than five minutes. Some of them require screwdrivers to tighten screws, but the rest can be assembled quickly by hand. For business owners who travel frequently, it is important to be able get their displays in place in a small amount of time. They are also convenient for vendors who may not have any wall space for a banner. In these types of situations, banner stands are lifesavers.

Reason 4: Flexibility

Some banner stands are flexible enough to fit banners of different sizes. This makes them convenient for business owners with multiple banners in different sizes. Also, the variety of banner display stand types gives business owners options when it comes to choosing what works for their individual needs and budgets. From an x-banner stand to feather stands and beyond, their flexibility and usability is definitely a reason to use them more frequently.

Reason 5: Multi-Purpose

Banner stands are used to display information, but the type of information displayed can vary widely. It does not have to be a typical advertising message. Banner displays can simply bare a company name and logo; they can display a greeting to an expected group; they can advertise a new sale; they can explain how a product works; they can list information about the benefits of an item or service; they can direct conference goers to the proper space; they can display images and much more. The only limit to the information that can be displayed on a banner stand is a lack of creativity.

If you are looking for a new way to display information for your business, consider a banner stand. They are affordable, durable, easy to use, and flexible — everything a small business owner needs. You can never go wrong with a new and effective way to advertise, especially one that can be put in place within just minutes!

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