Lumina 200 Light

Lumina 200 Light


– 110 volt ETL approved wall washer floodlight with a straight arm & adjustable head
– Light includes 120-watt halogen bulb
– 19.5″ long from end to end
– Available in black or silver color options
– Ideal for pop-ups and hop-ups
– Includes universal fitting kit
– One year warranty

Add an optional case for your Lumina 200.

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Features and Benefits

– 110 volt ETL approved wall washer floodlight with a straight arm & adjustable head
– light includes 120 watt halogen bulb
– silk black finish
– Ideal for Popups
– Light comes with cord pre-attached
– One year warranty against manufacturer defects

Optional SPT Case 

Unit size: 21.5″w x 7.5″h x 5″d

  • EVA semi-rigid lighting case
  • Foam-lined padded compartments
  • Holds 2 Lumina lights and power supply
  • Easy way to store and protect lights from damage
  • One year warranty against manufacturers defects

To Remove Lamp

Turn off/unplug fixture and allow to cool before replacing lamp. Bulb gets hot quickly. Do not touch hot bulb or shade. Unscrew two small finger screws that hold glass cover in place. Bulb is spring loaded on both ends.
Simply push in one end and gently pull bulb out. Take care to use a soft cloth as oil from skin can damage the bulb.

To Fit or Replace Lamp

Take the bulb out of the box taking care not to touch the bulb with your bare fingers. Oil from skin can damage lamp.
Use a soft cloth when grasping lamp. Open the fixture by unscrewing the two finger screws. Insert bulb into the fixture. Bulb is spring loaded on both ends. Push one end in and gently slide other end into place.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 8 in


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