Trade shows offer the ideal setting for you to reach consumers, showcasing your brand and demonstrating what you have to offer. To get those consumers into your trade show display – and on your list of customers – you need an exhibit that will draw people in. Here are 10 tips for designing top-notch trade show displays that will help increase traffic to your booth.

  1. Make it eye-catching – The first step to getting people into your trade show display booth is to make them notice it. You want a tradeshow display that is attention-grabbing, attractive, and most of all, makes people want to stop and visit it.
  2. Mix and match mediums – People learn in different ways, and your tradeshow displays are, in essence, an educational experience for the people who visit them. Use a variety of mediums to appeal to a variety of people. Pictures and graphics are a must, as are text-based, informational brochures or handouts. Of course, you’ll also want your product handy, or something else tangible that people can interact with.
  3. Consider the logistics – Something that many first-time trade show exhibitors fail to consider is the logistics of their display booth. Contact the convention center ahead of time to inquire about electrical hookups, Wi-Fi, and lighting, and how these aspects will work with your booth. You’ll also want to know the exact size and dimensions of the space before you ship or bring your materials so you can make any needed adjustments beforehand.
  4. Keep it organized – An organized exhibit booth is an appealing one. Group items together with purpose, and be sure to label anything that needs explanation. You want your guests to come into the booth and not be distracted because something seems out of place or they’re unsure of what something is. Trade show display stands can also help with organization.
  5. Watch the flow – Depending on the size of your booth, you may have people walking through it, looking at or sampling items or services. Your trade show display needs to have a clear flow that people will be able to follow, whether you’re leading them through it or not.
  6. Stick to the important stuff – A display booth should represent the more important elements of your business, while eliminating most of the fluff. While some of the less significant information may be important in its own way, it can be provided at a later date. Give your customers the main facts and any necessary supporting information, but keep it at that unless they specifically ask.
  7. Make your goals clear to consumers – This goes hand-in-hand with sticking with the facts. You need to have clear goals that people visiting your trade show booth can easily recognize. For instance, if your booth is geared toward selling health products, one of your goals probably deals with measurable, physical benefits to the consumer. If your booth visitors are aware of these goals, they’ll have a better idea about whether or not your product or service is of interest to them.
  8. Encourage interaction – Interacting with your trade booth visitors is the bread and butter when exhibiting. You have to have this interaction in order to win new customers, so you want your trade show displays to be set up in a way that encourages this. Make people want to be there by offering seating, along with shows and presentations. Be courteous, friendly, and take the time to get to know your audience.
  9. Giveaways – Who doesn’t love free stuff? Incorporating some giveaways into your booth design can help draw people in AND help them remember you and your brand long after the trade show has ended. Opt for inexpensive but useful items, such as pens, notepads or reusable bags that have your logo and website on them.
  10. Consider the long-term – Giveaways will help solidify your brand in your visitors’ minds, but you want to think about how to reach out to them in the future as well. One way to do this is to collect email addresses or phone numbers at your trade show display so you can contact people at a later date. If people seem hesitant about providing their contact info, set up a contest. Have visitors fill out entry cards with their name and contact details, then draw one at random at the end of the trade show to win a predetermined prize.

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